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Our Mission is training believers to live a victorious life through biblical Truth, experiential discipleship, and family relationships.

Godly Relationships

Life is about relationships. First and foremost, you must build a right relationship with God the Father through Jesus the Messiah. From this foundation flows more mature relationships with family, neighbors, and the world. These insights are at the heart of Christian Training Center International. 

Our programs are designed to immerse youth, young adults, and families in the language of the living Christ. Learn more about how we train believers to live a victorious life through biblical truth, experiential discipleship, and family relationships.

The lessons taught at CTCI are not designed to be learned just in the classroom. They are not simply taught in a week or a month program. Rather, they come through the furnace of daily living and are hammered into useful form on the anvil of unrelenting daily life and common struggles. The hammer must fall repetitively over and over before the shape takes form. This type of experiential learning is formative.

Learning is driven by an insatiable curiosity in God’s ways. The value of hard work and the merits of creative problem-solving are by-products of “fleshing out” Biblical principles and watching them come to life through God’s creative power. Families are transformed and young people are reformed.

About Us

Our programs are like an immersion into a new language – the language of living in Jesus. It is when we learn to live in Jesus that radical change occurs in our lives and relationships. 

At Christian Training Center International, peoples lives are impacted, challenged, and changed by the power and presence of God. Nestled in the heart of the Nantahala Mountains, The Inn provides the perfect backdrop to step away from the chaos of our current patterns and set apart intentional time to draw near to God and encounter Him in a fresh and powerful way.

In every program we offer, individuals and families are immersed into a way of life that makes the Scriptures and their faith come alive. Participants learn to “flesh out” biblical truths in a real life training ground where struggles can be worked out, causing lasting and real transformation.They learn what it means to truly live as authentic disciples of Jesus Christ within their homes, workplaces, and communities – wherever the Lord has placed them.

We are an inter-denominational ministry, and our desire is for transformation: a genuine change of heart and lifestyle that flows out of an intimate relationship with Jesus.

Our Programs

The Christian Training Center has opportunities for the following upcoming programs.

Train to Reign – For individuals and families

Strengthening & Restoring Family Relationships — Train to Reign Program — 2020 Dates are available now | Family is the most vital relationship and the one under the most pressure and attack. Come strengthen your family in a strong relationship with God. More info here.

Heroes – For teens and young adults

Heroes Semester is a 10-week residential, “family style” living experience like no other! | — 2020 Dates are available now | Participants ages 18-26 come with one purpose – to go deeper with the Lord. More info here.

Heroes Internship – Ages 18 – 26 – 2020 Dates are available now.

Our Summer Internship Program calls forth young adults ages 18-26 who have a passion to serve Christ and a desire to be trained practically for life, leadership, and future ministry through intense, life-on-life discipleship. During these fast-paced weeks, interns will discover more about who they are and what it means to be a fully committed follower of Jesus. More info here.

Heroes of Today Week — Ages 14 – 18 — 2020 Dates are available now.

The Christian Training Center’s Heroes Week is a fast-paced, full throttle discipleship program that is set to be the highlight of your summer! More info here.

Become a Hero: Go the extra mile with us as we tackle 4 days of thrilling outdoor challenges — 2020 Dates are available now — Ages: 18 – 26 yrs

Going the extra mile is about more than just taking on an extreme physical challenge. More info here.

Experience Victorious Living




Is this the place for me?

This ministry is where we found ourselves by mid-February after returning from Africa, weary, broken, and longing for a glimpse of hope for our situation. We needed a “shoot” to spring forth, and it did! The soil of our hearts were so fertile for the planting of His truth. The timing of our arrival for the Train to Reign program was nothing short of a miracle.

-G.C. North Carolina-

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