ribs1There are snacking foods and there are packing foods, and every guy knows the difference. Sure some ladies I know satisfy themselves with tiny treats in order to remain jammed into the culturally approved clothing of today, but these snacks will not carry you through the night. The body needs real foods, and the spiritual body needs more than drive by manna!

I like to think I am still a young buck, but the crows feet climbing across my face are beginning to tell me something different. They have become known to me as “Lines of Responsibility”. Jobs, new jobs, careers, cars, homes, bills, neighbors, friendships, discipleship, marriage… the list is getting longer, the sleep is getting less and less, and I am beginning to know my need for real Manna in life.

Manna, “Bread from heaven”, was real food. It was designed with everything needed nutritionally – also used as a tool to lead people into the council of God (Ex.16:4). Manna was to be gathered and consumed. No leftovers! It is this mindset I am suggesting we take with God’s word, a revelation that I need His counsel today. Today I have decisions to make that will either honor or dishonor God. Today plans will be made that lead my family towards God or away from God. Today, fear, doubt, worry, anxiety… will attempt to still our Joy in Christ. God’s Word, is the kind of meat that sticks to our bones to enable us to stand during the storms of life. Oh today I have need for truth. A need for real wisdom because I have real needs.

Thank you Lord Jesus for being Truth,
Thank you Lord for being Bread for my day,
Help me meditate on what you have already given me,
Help me to feast on more Truth,
Help me see my need for the Word of Life.

NOW… stop reading this manna-less devo and go consume some meat!