(A wonderful testimony from the Crandall family who recently attended our “INNvision” Family training here at CTCI)

A Time of Refreshing

Posted on March 17, 2014 by brianjackic

In mid-February, Brian and I (and the kids) had the opportunity to go to the mountains in North Carolina for a 2 week training program at the Christian Training Center International.  It was such a beautiful time of connecting with the Lord and growing as a family!  The main focus of our teaching was on what it looks like to be a Godly family and honor each other according to the Lord’s standards found in Scripture.  It can be really easy to decide what is best for our family based on our culture, background, media, etc.  These 2 weeks were devoted to diving into the Word and discovering God’s original design and plan for family.

We stayed at the INN, which is the main building on the CTCI campus.  Similar to our YWAM base, this organization lives in community and operates as one big family.  So we stayed in our 2 rooms in the INN, ate all of our meals together with the staff and other program participants, and had times or corporate worship, devotions, and prayer.  We are used to this type of constant “together-ness” but I could see it being an adjustment for people who are used to a little more privacy and personal space!

During the mornings and afternoons, Dexter and Emery were in childcare.  There is an incredible woman who has been doing children’s ministry for over 30 years who took care of our kids all day!!  They were able to play games, do crafts, and learn Bible stories and lessons in the most creative ways.  Both our kids loved their time with Miss Melissa!

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In the mornings, Brian and I were in teaching sessions.  The first week was focused primarily on marriage and some identity in Christ.  The second week was mostly about fatherhood and parenting.  These sessions were taught by the married couple who have been directors at the INN for the past 35 years.

We then had almost every afternoon free to either meet with the directors or process the information from the morning, and work through the things that the Lord was highlighting within our own family.  I think we probably talked more in those 2 weeks than we did the entire first 6 years of our marriage!!!!  It was SO GOOD!  We were able to really dive deep, and examine our marriage and our parenting in light of what God was saying to us.  We had some really beautiful times of prayer and repentance as a couple.

We left the INN with a renewed sense of purpose within our marriage, family, and home life.  It was exactly what we didn’t know we needed!  We had become very focused on our “ministry” in this past year.  The Lord needed to remind us that we can ONLY find our fulfillment and sense of purpose and meaning IN HIM, not in the work we do for Him.  After that, our family is our most important “ministry”.  If we don’t have things properly aligned in our home life, then the rest of our relationships and outreaches will not bear much Godly fruit.  We are seeing firsthand how much the rest of life flows out of what the Lord is cultivating in our family behind closed doors.

“As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”  – Joshua 24:15

~ Jacki

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