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Yesterday, I was reminded of Thomas Paine’s quote that publicized the travail of a nation yet to be born…“These are the times that try men’s souls.”  Many in our nation feel the trying of our very beings concerning the survival of our individual and national souls. There is a reason for this: the trying of our souls, as a nation, has been so very great because the selling of our American souls is taking place day by day. The trying of a soul is good. It challenges us to choose between truths and lies. The selling of a soul is quite the opposite. It closes the eyes to truth and sinks human lives into apathetic, tragic and heartbreaking deceit.

How have we sold our souls as a nation?  I’ll give just a few of my beliefs that I never imagined would be questioned during my lifetime:
Has not our Commander-in-Chief apologized to the world for our America? Within this apology does this not include all of our soldiers, since the beginning of our country’s existence, who fought, died, endured imprisonment and maiming in the line of duty and conscience? Has this apology obliterated the reason and purpose for their families’ grief ridden sorrow? Are we ashamed of the fact that 95% of the Signers were Christians? This is the selling of our American soul!

Has much of our culture become more outraged over the survival of plants and animals than the sacred existence of human life in the womb and those not considered “worthy” of life?  This is the selling of our American soul!

Have we have looked the other way and nationally yawned as our schools and universities erased the truth concerning our Godly heritage? This is the selling of our American soul!

Have we flippantly opened our “set apart” borders to those who mean us harm and are bent on stealing our “one of a kind” American identity? This is the selling of our American soul!

Have the “loathers of liberty” cut off our lifeline to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”, binding us with soul controls and enslaving taxations that we, nor our Constitution, recognize? This is the selling of our American soul!

Do we expect our young men and women, standing in harm’s way, to continue their fight for the cause of Liberty that has a big “For Sale” sign on it? This is the selling of our American soul!

Have we, as a nation, called what is evil, good; and what is good evil? This is the selling our American soul!

Much of the time, it seems as though we give the impression of being a nation, rooted and grounded in the Law of Liberty. But, sadly, we have become an “embalmed” America. The outside of America’s body may look healthy, but our soul, birthed within our conception, has all but departed. We must, again, breathe the life of God, Country, and Liberty, swiftly and cleverly back into our very being.  We must become immovable in demanding that our Representatives, represent us, not themselves, or their wealth. We, individually and corporately, must forbid the monitoring and manipulations and the selling of our sacred souls.

Without America, Liberty’s soul has no landing-place.

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