Apples, oranges, mangos, peaches, papayas and sirloins. God is good.

So many colors, flavors, textures and smells. I often think with my stomach. While this not always a good thing, today it is causing me to be grateful for the little blessings that are in this world. How creative and diverse is this world? How many species are yet to be discovered? Or just consider people. How many shapes and sizes are there? How many breeds of chickens or sheep or dogs?

What does this say about the creator? I think it is just a reflection of His nature. In the trinity there is both unity and diversity. I’m so glad that not all Christians have to hold the exact same beliefs that I hold. We don’t have to look alike or dress alike or talk alike. We don’t all speak the same language or share the same idea of hospitality. What is offensive to some is a compliment to others.

Diversity is beautiful exactly because it reflects Him. We are unified by some common, core beliefs. I’m glad we have differences. This world would be terrifying if we all looked and acted alike (think zombie apocalypse). To me, the variety speaks of the Father and His love for us, how He loves beautiful things. How He didn’t have to give us things to choose from, but He did.  He is good.