I stop in at garden stores like some people shop at garage sales. I know I am likely to find something I can’t live without, and between the hanging baskets, bedding plants, herbs, annuals and perennials, it is hard to choose just a few necessities. The Inn is an inviting place to dig and hoe, and many of us can’t keep our hands out of the dirt. We have more gardeners than ever this year, so the grounds are getting lots of care.

Psalm 104:30 says God renews the face of the ground, and fresh lettuce and flowers bring this verse to mind. Few things teach me more about the promises of Scripture than gardening. Every day, what I need more than anything, is a fresh lettuce soul. Last night, a gentle rain fell for hours. I had just finished arranging a flower bed, and it was the perfect time for a rain. As I listened to it, I thought of how beautiful things would look in the morning, and I realized that I need to see life in the same way that I view the flowers and garden. When I look outside, I don’t focus on where we haven’t worked, but I look at what has been tilled and planted. I need to have that same gardener’s appreciation for myself and others more often. When I am not careful, I ignore the fresh lettuce in my life and the lives of those around me, missing the bounty God is bringing out of us. I am tempted to stare at the bare spots, but God keeps taking me back to the lettuce. Today, dear Lord, help me to have a fresh lettuce soul.