At the point when we think we are done, there may be something more. The fishermen from the boats had gone down from them and were washing their nets. Clean up was underway. It was over. They were done with fishing, all over but the putting away of the nets.

Jesus told them to put out into the deep water and to lower their nets for a haul. Simon Peter responded with the facts that Jesus already knew: “We toiled all night exhaustingly, and we caught nothing in our nets.”

Jesus spoke: “Go back where you have just been, and see what I will do in that familiar place. It is not the end.” Simon Peter, perhaps with a hint of frustration, came back with: “I tried. I am exhausted. Look where it got me. No fish. No fruitfulness. No result for my labor. But on the grounds of your word I will lower the nets again.”

When we are thinking that it is over and that we are done, could this be a place of great fruit, productivity and new beginnings? Do we give up too soon and put our nets away? “Put out into the deep water”, was the instruction given. This leads us to believe that good things are found in deep places.

At the end of our trying and striving, there sometimes appears to be no fish, nothing there.  When Jesus gets in the boat – on the grounds of His word – it happens. What they had been wanting and believing for and longing to see was suddenly right there before them.

When we think it is all over, may we realize that we are not done at all! Jesus with us changes everything, and on the grounds of His word anything can happen! And when they had done this, they caught a great number of fish, and their nets were at the point of breaking.

May we lean over the side of the side of the boat and haul in what He has prepared for us. Be ready, because it may be far more than we ever imagined. IT’S NOT OVER UNTIL THE LAST NET IS LOWERED!