Recently the weather has been a little strange here in Franklin. As is normal for North Carolina weather this time of year, it was in the 80’s one day and down in the 40’s the next. But the strange (yet fascinating) part was the storms that just kept popping up seemingly out of nowhere. It would be bright and sunny one moment, and the next you look out the window and there would be a torrential downpour. It felt like hurricane weather. Sheets of rain, heavy gusts of wind, lawn chairs rolling about across the lawn, and then…it would stop. Just like the snap of a finger. Suddenly there would be blue skies and a gentle breeze again, as if nothing had happened.

As I watched what seemed like a temper tantrum of nature occur over these beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, I realized again how big and awesome my God is. All of this is in the palm of His hand. He created the storm clouds. And He created the blue skies to follow.  Nothing is too big, too small, or too surprising for Him. I get taken off guard every day. But not God. I don’t know about you, but this encouraged me immensely! Sigh of relief anyone?

As many times as I’ve heard this, realized it, seen it in Scripture, or told someone else, I always welcome (and need) the reminder. Sometimes He has to remind me in different ways, but He is faithful to do it nonetheless. Being awestruck by my heavenly Father is one thing I never want to move away from. He’s just too incredible for anything less than that.

So, my reminder for the day – or every day: Find something to be in awe of my God for. If nothing else, all I have to do is, well, breathe.

“Let all the earth fear the Lord; let all the inhabitants of the world stand in awe of Him.” – Psalms 33:8

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