In 2009, Wanderlust Productions, Darren Wilson, released a DVD entitled Furious Love.  As I watched it, over and over and over again, I was impacted that people were traveling all over the world “for the one”. Yes, I knew this  – but the reality of that thread throughout the DVD affected me strongly. For some reason, this had faces and stories connected to it, and it became personal! My life-path had even crossed some of the people in the story.  

Normally, I am not one that watches a DVD repeatedly, so why was this one “messing with me”? Of course! My own story … He came for the one – ME! Luke 15: 2b -7 in The Passion Translation (Dr Brian Simmons) says, “Look at how this Man associates with all these notorious sinners and welcomes them to come to Him! In response Jesus gave them this illustration; “There once was a Shepherd with one hundred lambs, but one of His lambs wandered away and was lost. So the Shepherd left the ninety-nine lambs out in the open field as He searched and searched in the wilderness for that one lost lamb, and He didn’t’ stop until He finally found it! With exuberant joy He raised it up and placed it on His shoulders, carrying it back with cheerful delight! Returning home, He called all His friends and neighbors together and said, ‘Let’s have a party! Come and celebrate with Me the return of My lost lamb! It wandered away, but I found it and brought it home!’”

Recently it happened again. As I watched a newly released DVD, Compelled By Love, about Rolland and Heidi Baker, I was struck again by that theme… He went for the one. In it, normal, everyday folks, just like me,  are being prompted to love the one. Rolland and Heidi have shared Father’s love in Asia, the UK, and Mozambique. Their stories are astounding! We all know people who have been called to the overseas mission field. For my daughter, Georgia, in 2011 that meant going to Burundi and loving on beautiful African orphans.  Some times, she would just sit and hold them, and some times, that meant playing with them in the schoolyard! For me, that “mission field” is right here in Franklin, North Carolina! I am to show Father’s Love to the one … the one in the line at the post office, the clerk, the voice at the drive-thru.  What about you?  Who is “the one” in your life today ?