You may have heard of or seen Nick Vujicic before. He was born with no limbs.

His story is inspirational to me for several reasons. No. I don’t suffer from the physical conditions that he does. Nor have I had to go through the same obstacles that he has gone through. And it’s for precisely this reason that I find so much motivation to be a better person when I listen to him tell his story.

In looking at Nick’s life, it brings me back to the place he had to come in dealing with personal difficulties – a place of gratitude. As he tells in this video, life is about our outlook. It’s about getting beyond what we don’t have and being thankful for what we do. In looking at my own life and in dealing with the challenges that come my way, I find myself, at times, letting the circumstances dictate my mood. In this state of mind, I find myself living in anger, bitterness, frustration, and lack of love.

But when I’m brought back to the truth of gratitude (which, as Nick points out, is a choice we have to make), it reminds me of God’s incredible goodness, faithfulness, and love. In the act of choosing gratitude, I recognize that not only could things be worse, but that God is sovereign and good in spite of the things I don’t understand. This realization and the choice to live in it brings a great sense of peace.

There are several other valuable lessons that I found as I watched this short video. I hope that Nick’s story can inspire you, too, toward gratitude and other amazing truths. Enjoy!