The spiritual coach who first demonstrated how to grow in faith, spiritual maturity, and intimacy with God was Jesus Christ. I recently read Learn from the Best Jesus Life Coach, which examines how the Lord coached individuals to find focus, balance, productivity, and fulfillment. Each day here at the Inn, I see Him help people find these realities and the courage to overcome obstacles in their way.

Like climbing a ladder, balance is a perspective that opens the door to new realities. New realities make outrageous demands possible and new possibilities leave regret behind. Some of us find balance through living with the “Inn family” and being bathed in loving words from Jesus, but balance always means dancing and dining as he did.

Laurie Beth Jones, author of the book, highlights keys to productivity that we prove daily here. First, never wear borrowed armor. Wear the one that fits. I recently purchased a backpack that was custom fitted to my frame. The hip belt was constructed of material that could be heated in a machine to assume the exact form to fit my build. When I wear the pack, I can add 30 pounds to my back without injuring myself. The Lord custom fits armor for us, so that we can fulfill our callings.

Next, learn positive confrontation; it cuts to the heart of a matter in minutes. Let the Lord multiply your bread, and take you into deeper water. Fulfillment is finding new stories in your old story, learning to be a voice and not an echo, and experiencing divine connection. It is seeing with new eyes and recognizing the joy Jesus has for you.

Susan Kovaka