I love the way that God calls us to a higher standard in life – HIS standard. He doesn’t want mediocrity for us, but the absolute best. This is such a high calling, and one that can definitely be achieved (through Him). The result of living in this calling is displayed in the way we talk, the way we dress, the way we relate to others, and in the approach we have on life.  And even deeper than the external side of things, He challenges us in the motivations behind why we think, feel, say, or do anything. It’s a calling to be completely dedicated to Him.

This high place is one that we hear God inviting us to daily here at The Inn. We’re constantly challenged to not only encourage others in this godly standard when they arrive here for programs (teens, young adults, couples, families), but we’re admonished to walk it out every day in relationship with each other. It is such an amazing calling, and well worth the effort.

At the foundation of this call is a heart of surrender to God and His ways. In surrendering to Him we find that place of dying to the self that so readily wants to put us at the center of the universe, and instead places God on the center-throne of our hearts. This is where true love finds its outreach, and where true change can begin to take place in us and our surroundings.

This video clip by Francis Chan delves into this subject of surrender, and shows just how full surrender to God can lead to this amazing change. I hope you are encouraged to go to the highest places of surrender and to the highest heights of His calling for your life.