Seventeen INNterns from five countries for  nine weeks.
Worshipping – Serving – Witnessing Jesus!


“It has opened my eyes to what my life WAS and what it COULD BE if I let the Lord have all control and push myself beyond what I would usually want. It has displaced my shallow desires with the desires to pursue and serve God.”
Abena Ansah

“CTCI has changed my life completely. The Internship was an amazing way to find my identity in Christ – I’ve learned so much about God here!”
Vania Thompson
   Northern Ireland

“It has meant a lot in my Christian life, on how we need to be enthusiastic about what God has in store for us, and to have

unique and good relationships. I Learned how to be a leader and how to serve God by helping others.”
Ariel Baez
   Dominican Republic

“Its given me an opportunity to stop and to listen. To grow, heal, and discover who he’s calling me to be. To serve God by helping others.”
Kitsten Richardson
   North Carolina

“The Catalyst for the destruction of the life and series of beliefs I either created or accepted from the world. This summer has honestly been life changing, God has rocked my world. Thank you CTCI for facilitating that.”
Nick Martelli

“This summer has been healing for me, even if I was injured for half of it, it was healing for my heart. It was an escape, but it was a revelation that running from everything doesn’t always help. So I’m thankful for everything and everyone who has unknowingly soothed my hurts.”
Lauren Glover
   Northern Ireland

“The Summer internship challenged me and that meant the whole world to me in my walk with Christ. CTCI is walking with Jesus in practical ways, with God’s community supporting you.”
Nilka Malave
   Puerto Rico

“CTCI has been a home to me, a place to learn, a safe place for me to go back to, and best of all it’s been family.”
Johnny Kovaka
   North Carolina

“CTCI has been a facility used by God in my life in order to establish his principles and ways. It is a place for rapid spiritual growth and development.”
Gavin Mills
   North Carolina

“CTCI is an opportunity and an environment where one can get right with God. Here I’ve been able to develop my relationship with God through the word, worship and work. At CTCI I have been able to see what Godly discipleship tastes like.”
Abraham McCauley
   Northern Ireland

“At CTCI, I have found so much freedom to be myself but also so much freedom to change. It is a place of high standards but also boundless grace. I have learned to trust God as well the people he places in my life. I have learned to live life to the fullest fearing failure and disappointment. CTCI life has been a game changer for me!”
Abigail Tarbutton

“The INN has been so pivotal in my Christian walk, it has shaken me out of my complacency and taught me to be enthusiastic in my walk with the Lord.”
Angela McCauley
   Northern Ireland

“CTCI meant learning to just be — that is, accepting the call that God has placed on my life and embracing the woman that he has made me to be while resting in the promise that He is willing and faithful to fulfill every work that He has begun in me. So it seems it has meant a lot. : )”
Dyese Elliott

“CTCI has changed my life entirely. My time here has been vital to my walk with the Lord. Being here has taught me how to walk in freedom, and where my identity truly lies.”
Emily Torres

“This was God’s time for me to be here and now I have so many experiences. Doing things with joy, serving others, team work, having a love to read God’s word, sharing with others what God has done in me, having the chance to know so many great people and family in Christ. God changes my shame into glory and my rejection into acceptance. I’m no longer the shy Laura that came, I’m a new person. Thank you CTCI and all the staff.”
Laura Baez
   Dominican Republic  

“Jesus did not die for me so that I could go through life simply to try and stay out of hell. I am to look to heaven, to serve the kingdom, challenge myself spiritually, and to bring Glory to God in ALL of it. I am the daughter of the Lion, and I am also a lion.”
Tate Cook
   North Carolina

Dan Caven

Summer Interns – 2014