Bread Face

“Rejoice Always,
Pray without Ceasing,
In everything give thanks, for this is Gods will for you in Christ Jesus.”

– 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

One of the greatest gifts God has ever given me was His Word. I was 19 when the Lord grabbed me and threw me over His shoulders. I was young, but far too familiar with sin and its effects. It was the first time I had heard Gods word. I could barely understand it, but it was like so many of the foundations I had poured with my dad before building a new house; strong, big, and fresh. What I read was good… it felt right for some reason. I fell in love with it like it was alive! The Bible had become a mentor or even a friend to me. Sounds weird? It was. I was still young enough to dream about racing motorcycles for the rest of my life, and I had just finished high school without reading one book all the way through. So why was I trading race days and times with friends for long hours with my bible…?

I remember my wedding day and the emotions that filled me as I stood at the altar. My heart was saying yes, my mind was saying yes, my mouth was saying yes… everything was lining up YES. This is the best way I can describe what was going on in me as I read God’s Word. I had an attitude of YES, and I have no idea where it came from. The crazy stories of the Old Testament read like family history and the teachings of Jesus were completely relevant to my life. Sure I wrestled and doubted at times, but God’s Word was becoming alive to me. The more I wrestled it, the more I realized it was wrestling me. The more I believed, the more purpose and hope I had for my future. Marriage at 21 was not fogged with, “Is she the right one? Am I too young? How much will this change my life?” I had peace with the sicknesses that had plagued my family and hope that God could heal what no doctor could understand. I had discovered a sure footing, safe ground to stand on, truth that I could trust to rule my life and trump my emotions. YES!

So why should you memorize 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18? Why should you invest the time you had set aside to watch 24 to chew on the word?     BECAUSE THIS IS MEAT FOR YOUR PUNY LITTLE BONES!       I discovered the frailty of my own bones one night at the track – it took less than a second to snap the largest bone in my body. No problem, It was easy, I wasn’t even trying. SNAP! And that is what we do when life throws a curve ball at us. Bills, “I thought you would provide for my needs God?” Sickness, “Why have you abandoned us?” Confusion, “Where are you?” Snap, snap, snap!

Is this not what we do – Thrown into unbelief, broken as soon as we loose control on life? Let us  get some meat on our bones so that we can embrace the trials of life. Bones that will stand during storms and not crack. Bones that give thanks for trials, grateful for the strength that is formed. Unbreakable bones, ready to honor God during the greatest stress this world can place on them.

For everyone that believe, to all who have clung to the cross, for every Christian no matter what you are going through… “Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks, for this is Gods will for you in Christ Jesus”. Trust God today. Not only trust, but REJOICE!

If your god is too small to handle what you are going through, I suggest it is time you get a bigger God.

If your god is too busy to aid, too holy and far away to step into the day to day… I want you to know there is a bigger God.

Thank you God for being big.
Thank you Father for being in control.
Thank you Jesus for a living hope.
Thank you Holy Spirit for comforting me.

Establish in me an unmovable joy,
communion between us that never ends,
and gratitude for all things.