Here it is,  part three of ‘Tips For Working With Children’. I am sure you can add more to this list. I believe that if we follow these tips, we will be effective in our teaching and communication with children, and we can be  a part of seeing Biblical truths established in them.

1) GIVE THE CHILDREN SOMETHING TO TAKE AWAY WITH THEM: Giving children something to take away with them is great! It is a reminder of what they learned. It can be discussed at home, and their parents can have input too. If the children are not from Christian families it will help them recall what was said and provoke some good discussions! If the children can make what they take away, that’s good. It becomes ‘theirs’ and means more to them. It does not have to be anything elaborate or fancy. They can take the item home and put it in their room or on their refrigerator. It will be a visual reminder.

Jesus showed us the importance of visual reminders. He left one with His disciples and us. That is what communion is all about. It is a visual reminder of who Jesus is. Bread and wine were eaten and drunk daily in those times. So each time believers ate bread and drank wine it would have been a visual reminder to them of who Jesus was (and of course a whole lot more than that!) So it is for us today, a reminder of who Jesus is!

2) DON’T UNDERESTIMATE HOW MUCH CHILDREN CAN REMEMBER: Children are generally much better at memorizing Scripture than adults are. So do not be afraid to ask them to memorize God’s Word. They are great at retaining and remembering verses. Make it fun! I told the children in a Bible Club that I wanted them to remember a verse by the following week. I had just read it to them a couple of times, when one boy raised his hand and told me he knew it already! He did, and so did a lot to the other children too!

3) PRAY AND BELIEVE: Pray and ask The Lord what it is that you should share. As you prepare, pray for the very best way to communicate that truth. Pray as you share and afterwards that God’s Word would bear fruit in the children’s hearts and lives. Believe that what you are doing WILL be fruitful. You may not be with those children to see the fruit, BUT there will be fruit from the seeds you plant.

4) DON’T TALK DOWN TO CHILDREN: Always treat children with respect. Never look down on them. They are very valuable and precious to The Lord. Yes, we look also at who and what they will become and “project them into the future”, as we say, but in our moment with them we need to remember how very precious and valuable they are!

The Lord bless and encourage you as you speak to children!

Melissa Lee