When I was in high school, one night after dinner, my father said to me “are you aware that you used the word  ” ___ ” 72 times during this meal?”  YIKES, WOW and NO!  I had no idea that I had said THAT word so frequently!  Today, I could not even tell you exactly what THAT word was, however, I think it might have been “so …”.  I had a tendency to drop it out there, say it and then,  let it slide off into nothingness!  I had no great revelation or brilliant statement to follow up with … just  “so …”.  Can’t you just hear the edgy tone!

There are some words that I hear in conversations today and I think … would you be able to talk if you were not allowed to use THAT word ?!?!  Which is probably exactly what my father said to me.  Knowing myself at that time in my life, I was highly offended that he pointed that small fact out to me – but – I did get over it.  And it made an impact on me.

I have spent years thinking about words.  I have been pierced, stabbed, assaulted, corrected and slandered by words.  Unfortunately, there are probably people who still carry word-wounds that I inflicted on them.  If only I had listened to that voice in my head screaming KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!  I have also been blessed, encouraged, lovingly corrected, honored and empowered by words.  One of my passions is to speak HOPE, LIFE and ENCOURAGING words.  I enjoy speaking them and I enjoy writing them in cards and letters.

Some accounts say that Webster’s International Dictionary includes over 470,000 words.  I want to use my vocabulary carefully, purposefully and with a clean heart and motive.  Lord, HELP !!!

Proverbs 18: 21 out of The Message says “Words kill, words give life; they’re either poison or fruit – you choose.”

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