The blind leading the blind is a familiar adage that I wrestle with as I seek to see this generation with heaven’s eyes. I have often chosen the comfortable blindness of legalism over the bright light of God’s love for those I struggle to understand and mentor. I have to take off my own generational blindfold and expose myself to the light of God’s love for this generation to see them as He sees them. With His eyes, I have no trouble believing that His work on their behalf is just as effectual as it has always been.

God’s redemptive power is not limited by today’s newscast of rebellion and brokenness any more than it has been in the past. My ability to love this generation does not depend so much on their condition, their circumstances, or their lifestyles. It depends on my relationship with the Lord. It is the size and state of my own faith that predicts the quality of my relationships with today’s young adults. When my eyes adjust to the true brilliance of Christ’s light, I am able to see where He is shining and working in the darkest of lives. When my ears are attuned to the song of the heavens, I am able to hear its melodies for those around me.

The more I want to address today’s problems in young people, the more I have to listen to the sound of hope first. I have to spend time with Christ continually in order to think His thoughts and speak His heart rightly to those whose values differ from my own. Ephesians 4:15 instructs me to speak the truth in love. So many times, it is the absence of those two little words in love that strains my relationships with young adults. I am choosing today to lead by love, so I am going to throw out my blindfold.