If we learn to handle responsibility at home, we will more likely know how to handle responsibility in the body of Christ. With the gifting of God, in the Holy Spirit, we all have responsibilities in the Kingdom. “You are a kingdom of priests!” A husband cannot fulfill himself; it takes a wife. Fulfillment is the key to successful relationships. A father cannot fulfill himself; it requires a son or daughter. A brother cannot fulfill himself; he needs a brother or sister. It is the responsibility of the family to provide the learning about the nature of fulfillment, or maturity, in the Body of Christ.

It is in the family that we learn to deal with the dual roles to which God calls us. As a man, I have been called to several roles at the same time. I am a husband; I am a father; I am a brother. It is possible for me to be fulfilled as a father and not be fulfilled as a husband. I can excuse myself from one area of responsibility by concentrating on another. Many women are frustrated and unfulfilled as wives yet can be fulfilled as mothers. She may work through life in a seemingly balanced way; but she will likely never rid herself of the frustrations that come from this lack of fulfillment as a woman. For her, life will be empty after the children are grown and have left the home.

if we are to fulfill our place in the purpose and plan of God, we must live a life of reconciliation with other people. And the toughest place to do this is at home, with the folks closest to us. They cause us more trouble than anyone else ever will. But if we can learn to live in forgiveness toward them, then we will be able to function in a meaningful way as members of God’s kingdom on the earth.