When our children were young we taught them to immediately place their hand in ours when we asked for it. We would say “Give me your hand”, and they would come to us and place their hand in ours. This is great when crossing the street or in busy store.The lessons were learned at home, though. When they were playing we would ask them for their hand. They would get up and place their hand in ours, then we would say, “Thank you. I love you. Go play.”, and they would go. The idea was simple. We never grabbed their hands, nor did we hold their hands. They were responsible to come to us, place their hand in ours, then hold our hand. It saved us a ton of hassle, and even saved the life of one of our sons.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately. You see, the Lord is asking for my hand. It’s my job to stop what I’m doing, get up, walk over to Him, place my hand in His, and hold His hand as He leads me where He wants to go. It seems like the Lord is teaching me using the simple things that a father teaches his children. Just obey. Just love. Just hear His voice. Just be His child.

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