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2015 Summer Internship – Week One

Week one of the 2015 Summer Internship has come and gone. Fourteen interns have joined our staff this summer from all over – Brazil, Switzerland, LA, CA, FL, KY, GA, NJ. Week one is a most enjoyable week of labor at CTCI; long days, hard work, and lots of sweat have become the perfect agent to break down individuality and form family.

Enjoy this comical expression on week one!!

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  1. What a blessing! w00t

  2. Florence Martin said on

    Wonderful, Kristian. An experience in your life that you’ll never forget. Enjoy every moment of it! I keep you all in my prayers, may God always keep you in His Divine Path. Life has so much for you all in store…

  3. Mitsouko Derenoncourt said on

    So proud of you Kristian!

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