God created family for the fulfillment of HIS plan. HIS purpose, HIS pleasure… Man’s family was to be God’s instrument of preparation, of training for His people to learn how to live in fellowship with Himself and His Son… In the unfolding plan of God, the family of man is a most vital link.

It is in man’s family that God has set up the training ground for His family, the church. Recognizing that the nature of man is evil, He sees that these rebellious children of His must come into a uniquely different manner of living. They require change – a lot of change. A change that will not come about unless the willful volition of man’s nature is altered drastically. He knows that the pattern of behavior which will come forth out of the nature of man will not be usable in what He intends to do with His people. So He made man totally dependent from birth on someone else. He set us in an environment in which we cannot sustain life, unless we are involved with and inseparable from other people. He says in His Word, “He sets the lonely in families…” (Psalm 68:6). As new-born babes we are, among all creatures, most dependent on others. So God created family for us individuals, and He created us people to be a part of a family.

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