So many changes have come about in our ministry at [CTCI] that we decided to take this month’s letter and share with you what God is doing in this place as we complete our 15th year as a ministry to the Lord Jesus Christ.

1. MINISTRY IN OTHER LANDS. In 1973, the Lord spoke a prophetic word through Derek Prince is he and his wife, Lydia, prayed with Sally and me about the ministry at [CTCI].  “This place will be like a giant tree, who is limbs reach out over the nations of the world, bringing the blessings of God to the people of many lands”. Seven years later we began to go to other nations with our teaching, and just this spring we made our third trip to Africa with the same Derek Prince. Sally and I, with Mahesh Chavda, met Derek and Ruth on a return trip to Zambia and then Zimbabwe. The Lord had open the door to Zambia through a contact we had made in 1980 with Gordon Suckling, the head of Intercessors for Zambia. Many of you gave generously to support this work, and it does not go unrewarded! We saw many people saved, many healed, many delivered from the demonic work witch doctors, [and] many baptized in the Holy Spirit! We saw many churches strengthened as their pastors and elders attended special meetings on such subjects as SPIRITUAL WARFARE, HEALING, FULFILLED RELATIONSHIPS, and  other subjects pertinent to the life in the church.

On our way out to Africa, Sally and I fulfilled invitations to speak in three different cities in England where we had ministered in previous years. Now, we see doors opening in many lands for the work to which God has called us, and as you will see in the following, we are now beginning to have people from other countries come to see CTCI for intensive training here.

2.  DISCIPLINED LIFE IN CHRIST. We have just completed our 13th year of the  DISCIPLINE THE LIFE IN CHRIST [now INNvision Family Program] training program, and this years edition was a unique one! The group was smaller than usual, but we had several complete families, as well as singles. One family came from England, another from northern Ireland. In each case, they’re coming resulted from our teaching in their home church is in past years and earlier this year. INNvision continues to be a major – a very major – part of our teaching, no matter where we go, no matter what the subject! We just cannot do without the experience the Lord is giving to us out of this most unique program. One of the things we are all praying about is the possibility of a form of the INNvision training being instituted along with other type teachings in the Bible school operated by Gordon Suckling and his colleagues in the mission in Zambia where we have worked for the past two years. Please join us in prayer about this possibility.


From Jay Fesperman’s “Letters of Exhortation”, Volume 5., Number 5, September 1985.