3. FAMILY TRAINING & COUNSELING.  Larry Pons and his wife Susan, along with their four young children, will have been at [CTCI] for five years in September, and they are doing a grand job! This is a many-faceted operation, and they cover the responsibilities in a beautiful fashion. One of the most important works the Lord has brought our way is this: we are seeing God bring men and their entire families into The Inn for several weeks, and sometimes months, for the purpose of rekindling the fires that have been dimmed by time and circumstances. Often, these men are filling very important roles of responsibility in their local churches. In the complexity of their many responsibilities and the pressures of today’s family life, they often find it difficult to hold on to the vision of what the Lord has called them too. Thus, many are finding it helpful to have the opportunity to come under a discipline of retraining, rethinking, and re-hearing from the Lord, under the watchful eyes of the staff here at [CTCI]. This has turned out to be a very significant work, meeting a great need in the Body of Christ.

4. CONFERENCES & SEMINARS.  One of the highlights of our year so far has been a new work borrowed from some of the folks in England. During [INNvision] this year, we also had a “prayer and Bible week”, an event with which we became acquainted on coming to know Denis Clark, The man God raised up as the original coordinator of the INTERCESSORS, INTERNATIONAL, a group of praying people from over 35 nations. Johannes Facius,  the present coordinator since Denis’s death, joined me as a teacher during this marvelous event here at The Inn. Johannes  Spoke seven times on the subject of “prayer warfare”, and it was a real blessing to those who came. And they came – from as far away as Michigan and New York City! We believe there will be a new dynamic in intercession in many churches, as these meaningful teachings are returned by the people came. . . .

5. LETTERS OF  EXHORTATION.  We continue to receive, by word-of-mouth, . . . by letter and. . . [by]  phone, many favorable commendations on these “Letters of Exhortation”, which are designed primarily to be letters of instruction and encouragement to the many young Christians that are familiar with our work. They are geared to both young singles, as well as young families, who are seeking to make their gifts meaningful in the church of today. These letters go out to our entire mailing list, which includes several hundreds in Europe and Africa, as well as some in other countries. If you are receiving a blessing from these, you might want to consider a contribution, since we do not ask for subscriptions to be paid. They are costly to print out and mail out, but they seem to be a useful instrument in the hands of our Lord.

6. RETREATS & CLASS GROUPS.  The Inn is still the meeting place for many groups from churches who love to come to these scenic mountains as a fellowship. Most of these are weekend-types running from Friday night dinner through Sunday noon. . . . However, we sometimes have a youth group come in on Monday and stay through Friday for a combination of study, hiking, rafting, and work. We just had a group from the Baptist Church in Florida, and it was a great time for us all!

From Jay Fesperman’s “Letters of Exhortation”, Volume 5., Number 5, September 1985.