Apart from a wedding this weekend (congrats Gordy’s) among the staff and half the interns sticking around to keep us busy, we have successfully sent our summer interns off to new journeys and the works that the Lord has prepared for them. It has been an absolute privilege to be a part of the lives and activities that took place this summer. If you have never spent a summer at CTCI, it might be time! 

What happened this summer ?
Summer at CTCI is packed full of practical training that is quickly lived out through unique experiences. Week to week, we receive different guests and hold different programs for all ages. As an INNtern,  you get the privilege of working tirelessly, laughing hard, and walking out the lessons you are being taught.

“As an intern at CTCI, I was able to grow closer to God on a whole new level. I was put in an environment that was completely out of my comfort zone. I was doing things I have never done before and it was very challenging. But through it all, I was able to grow. I have learned many valuable life lessons and trusted God through it all. I am more flexible and willing to step out of my comfort zone to experience God. With God’s help and the help and support of the staff, I was able to defeat fear. Every challenge that I faced as an intern at CTCI has allowed me to grow closer to God by putting all my trust in Him. I wouldn’t change this summer for anything. I am so thankful and blessed for this amazing opportunity.”
Quishona (Summer Intern) 

Orientation & Intern Training 
INNvision Family Program
HLOL Conference
Reunion & 4th of July Outreach
INNcounter Teen Week
INNcounter Teen Week – Gateway Church in Asheville, NC
Xtra Mile Challenge – Young adults

11745804_10153165868443432_6148545112753842357_nThroughout the INNcounter teen weeks, we walked participants through the grand narrative of the bible: CREATION – FALL – REDEMPTIONRESTORATION
With this lens on life and scripture we were able to learn who God is, what man has done to bring about such darkness, the work of Jesus, and the empowered life of a Christian. Throughout challenges, hikes, group forums, intercession over the city, and creek walks  we taught  about God’s perfect creation, the fall of man, the divine exchange of the Cross, and the Spirit-filled life of a Christian.


Letters from INNcounter Teen Camp 
“The Lord worked in many ways last week and I am glad to say that I am forever changed. He (GOD) put so many good people in my life that spoke just the right words into me. Those people are you.IMG_8885.2 Without you; I would still be sitting at home not filled with the Holy Spirit, I would have no desire to go and share the Good News with strangers, and I would not be constantly thinking about ways to make other lives better.”   
– Micah (INNcounter)

“They burst out of the cars, eager to be reunited with their families, then to share story after story of how God touched them. When asked about their favorite activities, it wasn’t the fun ones that they chose, but the deep spiritual lessons they learned; walking the creek, laying their burdens at the Cross, worshipping, hiking – not because it was fun, but because it was hard! Wow! Some of the students have obviously changed & challenged their parents (us)!
– Parent of Teenager (INNcounter)

Though the summer is over, the lessons God taught us have just begun to be lived out. Through your prayers and the work of the Holy Spirit, God has trained many people, young and old, to live as lights in the midst of these dark days. INNterns have been sent all over the world to live as obedient sons and daughters because of the faith that is within them. It was our hope to give them a biblically rich experience, to impart an attitude that is intolerant of sin, and train them in a work ethic that is needed for God’s future challenges.

It has been an amazing summer at CTCI. The seeds planted and the fruit that we all watched come forth is all to the Glory of Jesus.

To the families that came – Vision for the future
To the  conference guests – Keep praying, God is listening
To the teens – RISE UP!
To the XMile participants – Follow Jesus
To the INNterns – You are to be Instruments of Righteousness


Testimonies from the INNterns
“This summer with the Christian Training Center has meant a lot to me. Growing up in a non-christian household and not coming to the Lord until college, I felt like I missed out on many core lessons and struggled a little with my faith.20150701_162222 I grew up with a father who was often absent, and unpredictable even when he was present. So grasping the unconditional and consistent love of the heavenly Father was very difficult for me. I had a lot of negativity and resentment in me that I was holding on to as part of my identity. Being here at the INN has helped me to understand the Father’s love and let go of some my insecurities and defenses. I am becoming more trusting of God and the plans that He has for me. I can now be vulnerable and let people in because I know that God has people in my life for a reason, no matter what He has for me. God still has work to do in me, but I am on a path with a strong foundation now and I can’t wait to see where it leads me.”
Victoria (Summer Intern) 

“…I was not prepared to handle what was in the these mountains. Was it the crazy midnight hikes in blind folds? Proclaiming the Word of God through the night into the darkness with 50 other young people? 11225157_10153551949784181_288133355589470706_n copyMaybe it was the identity I discovered in Christ that made it more than anything I could have dreamed of. All I know is that two years ago when I first came here I asked God to challenge my beliefs. He in turn shattered them and rebuilt them on His own terms. He reintroduced Himself as my father, savior, redeemer, and my dearest friend. He told me that I am not rejected, shameful, or unforgiven, but accepted, forgiven, loved, and sharing in His glory. I can now walk without fear, knowing who I am in my Fathers eyes – and who my God is.”
Debroah (Summer Intern) 

This internship challenged me physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually to not only become a stronger Christian, but a stronger person in general. 11178361_10153186620588432_5588603369076833412_nIn the last month, I and a few others started building a wall on the property and God just kept speaking to me about my life through this project. In building a wall, the foundation must be level and sturdy, and God told me that He wants my foundation in Him to be extremely strong, so I can stand firm and not waver. Through this, God confirmed that I should come back to CTCI for their Fall semester program, INNsight. With this program, I will further build my foundation in Christ so I can be the unwavering Christian God wants me to be.”
Hendrix (Summer Intern)