6. UNABLE TO THINK THROUGH. God has given to EVERY person the ability, privilege, and right to think his own thoughts. The functions of the brain are designed to follow intelligent thought-patterns. We should be able to move our thoughts along a path of orderly ideas. An example of this is in an instructional letter from Paul to the church in Thessalonica (5:15-22): a) “. . . be kind to each other”; b)”. . . be joyful always”; c) “. . . pray continually”; d)”. . . give thanks in all circumstances”; e)”. . . do not put out the Spirit’s fire”; f)” . . . TEST EVERYTHING”; etc.

When you have done it all in your planning, then TEST EVERYTHING! And if it all passes the test, GET ON WITH IT!!! Test it out before the Spirit of God. He won’t chastise you for making a misstep, but He will show you way. Jesus said He would!

7. A MIND SET ON  WORLDLY STANDARDS. Paul told the Colossians, “Set you mind on things above, NOT ON EARTHLY THINGS” (emphasis mine). The world we live in has established for itself a pattern of life that is absolutely contrary to God’s plan for His people. and when we come into His fellowship, we usually struggle because we still try to live by the same standards we have lived with outside of Christ. Paul goes on to say it requires that we “put to death whatever belongs to your EARTHLY NATURE”. That’s an act of our will. WE MUST DO IT. HE WILL NOT!

That takes us right back to our opening theme: “Do not conform ANY LONGER to the PATTERN OF THIS WORLD, but BE transformed BY THE RENEWING OF YOUR MIND”. Yes, it is an act of our will. AND it’s a MUST, if we hope to “build ourselves up in [our] most holy faith”. That’s Jude’s word to us as we face the scoffers in these last days. “BUILD YOURSELF UP”. “SET YOUR MIND on things above. . . .” “PUT TO DEATH” (YOU put to death) whatever belongs to YOUR EARTHLY NATURE”.


From Jay Fesperman’s “Letters of Exhortation”, Number 41, August/September 1984.