In a letter recently received from a brother in southern Africa, this [word was spoken]: “The Lord, in His grace, is beginning to demonstrate His POWER among us and is using some of our native leadership in quite remarkable ways. Just two months ago, three of our MOST TRUSTED WOMEN were used to raise from the dead a young leprous woman who had died of a snake bite. Not only did she revive, but she was healed of her leprosy and is now in perfect health!”


On the very day I write this, Oswald Chamber’s devotional says this: “Our Lord never enforces OBEDIENCE; He does not take means to make me do what He wants. At certain times I wish God would master me and make me do the thing, but He will not. . . .” Out of the DISCIPLINED person flows THE SPIRIT OF POWER (and the Spirit of Love!) both characteristics of the HOLY SPIRIT.

Even after spending forty days with the risen Jesus, the disciples still did not understand. But one day, while they were having a meal together, Jesus spoke to them and said, “You will receive POWER when the Holy Spirit come on you. So wait, get yourself ready for that great event, when God Himself comes to LIVE in you and to DO – with your cooperation – ALL that He has planned to do.”

The same small band of disciples – minus Judas – travelled up to the mountains of Galilee, to the very spot where Jesus had said He would meet them. When they saw Him, they WORSHIPPED Him, . . . but some STILL DOUBTED. Surely it couldn’t have been John and Peter! But Jesus said to ALL of them, ” GO and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the NAME of the FATHER and of the SON and of the HOLY SPIRIT, and TEACH THEM to OBEY everything I have COMMANDED you. And I WILL BE WITH YOU UNTIL THE END OF THE AGE!”

We need to stop playing games with the Holy Spirit. If He DOES live within us, we have a mighty awesome work to get done. The discipline of the Lord, the hammer of His Word, and the discipline of our SELF will bring us to the place where the POWER of God will set down the enemy and bring in the Kingdom of God!

“ALL AUTHORITY has been given to Me,” said Jesus. To US, His disciples, He says, “I give YOU authority. GO!”

-Jay Fesperman

From Jay Fesperman’s “Letter’s of Exhortation”, Number 33, October 1983.