Isn’t it amazing how the eye of man can scrape up off a piece of paper the printed Word of God – that which we call “Holy Scripture” – transfer those words into the brain, let the brain give interpretation to the heart, then move the heart to affect the life of a person so thoroughly that the entire life of the person can be forever changed!

Or maybe an equally amazing (or even greater) mystery: that a man’s ears can pluck out of the air the vibrations cast into the atmosphere by a person proclaiming the Word of God, and here too have a complete change brought in his entire life, as the ear passes the words into the brain, and the brain gives meaning to the heart of man and the  life-changing experience occurs. Only an Almighty God could design and devise such a system! “Your hands made me and formed me; give me understanding  to learn your commands“. (Psalm 119:73)

Only on rare occasions do we hear or read a story that has that kind of effect on the way we live. Somehow, most of what we read or hear from other sources has been totally dissipated by its meaninglessness or by the volumes of other knowledge. But what God has said seems to have been planted deep inside the storehouse of our memory. It may remain silent, buried for years perhaps, but it is still there in vibrant life, and [at just] the right moment, it will surface just when we need it, to have it re-stated into our consciousness; and the circumstances of the moment come under its great power, and our way of life is drastically changed.

Now and again, a contemporary hearing or reading of events in the world around us may impact us with great force. And, if it is capable of permanent impression, it is likely to be a reporting of events that bring forth the reality of principles which have their origin in the heart God. For instance, I have just heard and read about certain makers of cosmetics here in America are buying up the aborted babies and fetuses from hospitals and abortion clinics, extracting certain ingredients from these human carcasses and putting them into the cosmetics which are being applied to our lovely faces to enhance our beauty!

I don’t think I shall EVER forget that!! But the reason it impacts my heart and life is that it is so clearly an act contrary to the purposes of God as He has outlined it in the Bible. Clearly, God is opposed to child sacrifice, but to desecrate the flesh of thousands of human bodies of people “made in the image of God” is truly a stench in His nostrils, and to me it is absolutely obscene!

From Jay Fesperman’s “Letters of Exhortation”, Number 40, July 1984.