There’s a very important principle we all need to recognize; “If you move from one relationship into another one without dealing with the present-day problems, you will take the same problems with you.” And it’s just adding problem upon problem, because any new relationship inevitably has it own adjustments to make;  so it needs no help from the past – except from the lessons learned!

Recently, I have been reviewing some prophetic words which were brought forth in the period 1973 to 1978 – 5 to 10 years ago.  These are among those I have written down from those years. As I see the Lord fulfilling them now, so many years later, I am grateful for the fruit of patience, a blessed GIFT, but also the FRUIT of the Holy Spirit.

I learned in business that the best time to make a decision of importance is THE LAST POSSIBLE MOMENT. That means get all the facts. Relate them all together as best [as] you can. Assimilate all the facts you can get your hands on. Seek the advice of others [who are] more experienced than you are.  And then, put it all in the hands of the Lord. Wait [to] hear from Him! God has to be practical with us, because we are usually so impractical with Him and our own [lives].

Sometimes it’s better to be late than early, in [the things of] life. Time is never wasted. It is equally doled out to everyone. Everyone’s day is made up of the same consistency of time, and each day is the same length as the one before, and the one to follow. Today is meant for today’s circumstances, and tomorrow’s crop cannot be gathered today. It must mature. Don’t eat tomorrow’s apple today. It will be only half grown, with little of the taste of maturity – either bitter or very bland. For Sally and me, each year of our marriage makes us more and more aware of how little we know of the deeper values of relating to each other. But as we have progressed from year-to-year, we get a sense of the continual increase of the rich fruit of the Holy Spirit, which He has given as a harvest to our marriage.  And from that we have seen an increase in the effectiveness – the fruitfulness – of our service to the Body of Christ.


-Jay Fesperman

From Jay Fesperman’s “Letters of Exhortation”, No. 34, November 1983.