2. THE HOMOGENIZATION OF SOCIETY. To be homogenous, according to Webster, is to be “of the same kind, or nature“. There are forces that are seeking to bring legislation that says, “We are ALL ALIKE“. that just isn’t so. The laws of a land or of a society cannot make male and female alike! But with the philosophies of our world spreading this “false gospel” through every form of . . . media, we are coming to be so similar that the real human society is fast becoming an endangered species.

God gave us our sexuality to fulfill certain roles. A man cannot bear children, nor can a woman sire them. But even in our churches, there are those who are seeking to accept as LIFE-STYLE the marriages of people of the same sex. That’s total rebellion against God and His purposes!

Television is doing an equally devastating thing to us by making childhood extinct. With kids spending so much more time watching TV than submitting to their fathers’ instructions, they are beginning to talk, think, and act like grown-ups. And they cannot handle it once they become grown-ups themselves. If a man doesn’t deal with the childishness when he is a child, he will not be able to put it away when he becomes a man. St. Paul said, “When I was a child I was accustomed to speak as a child. I used to understand as a child. I was accustomed to reason as a child. When I became a man and had the status of an adult, I permanently put away the things of a child” (1 Corinth. 13:11).

God gave us protective surroundings when He put us in families. We are expected to be be distinctively child-like as a child. We must be treated as children when we are immature, so that we can learn by living. The Newsweek story of a nine-year-old boy holding up a bank at gun-point seemed a little comical, but it was really devastating! Maturing the thought-process without the equivalent growth of the other segments of life can make for a warped personality. Passing slowly but surely through childhood is absolutely necessary to a strong, meaningful maturity. Life was designed by God to be a learning process. But it was meant to be more than just spoken or written words. It was meant to be on-the-job training!

To come to maturity is to come to a sense of responsibility. How do we get there? By INTERACTION! By living through life with one another! . . . INTERACTION brings about CONFRONTATION. And CONFRONTATION brings about COMMITMENT. And COMMITMENT produces RESPONSIBILITY!

From Jay Fesperman’s “Letters of Exhortation”, Number 10, April/May 1981.