My dictionary defines “family” as “the body of persons who live in one house, under one head”….  It is important that we realize the significance of the family “living in one house”, as the dictionary [defines] it. A family is meant to bring people together in close fellowship in order to cause friction among its members. If we don’t learn how to face troubles at home, we will not learn how to cope with the pressures of ordinary living in the world. There is clear purpose in the closeness required of family members. But the nature of man wants to pull away and live unto its own self.

Every young person growing up in America wants his own room, with his own radio, his own television, his own telephone.  And we strive for the level of prosperity that will make it…possible for each child to have his own hideout! The home of the family is the site of much interaction, much rubbing. And it has its clear purpose in the growing-up process. Family is meant to produce confrontation.  But our nature doesn’t like confrontation. Nevertheless, it has it’s very clear purpose. Out of confrontation comes commitment, and when we try to live up to commitment, we learn how to cope with responsibility.

If parents today could get a grip on this procedure and instill it into…their children, we would see a much stronger generation of young men and women coming forth in the Body of Christ.  Children depend on this parental forcefulness to learn how to [withstand] the pressures from their own peers.

Once, [while] living in a new city for only a couple of months, our 11-year-old son came in to ask permission to go someplace.  His newfound friends were suggesting they do something he wasn’t sure that he should be involved in. He said to his mother, “Mom, the boys want me to go to such and such a place with them. May I go?”  And before [his mother] could answer, he said, “Please tell me I can’t go!” Without the regulation from his parents, he didn’t feel he had the strength to handle the situation.

To parent is to train your children for the tough kind of life they will surely be facing in the years of their maturity.  No matter where the assignment of career lands them, their lifestyle must be set at home at an early age. God’s way for this preparation to occur is the out-working of solid parenting by a father and a mother. This could very well be the most important role men and women are called to. Thus, their own togetherness – their agreement – will be the first measure of their success as those who fulfill the test of training the future leaders of our nation.

If we learn to handle responsibility at home, we will more likely know how to handle responsibility in the body of Christ. With the giftings of God,… we all have responsibilities in the Kingdom. “You are a kingdom of priests!”

-Jay Fesperman

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