Can this work in our society? I say it MUST work! But it is likely to demand a drastic change in lifestyle. AND it is likely to demand a drastic change in attitudes. To become ONE with a lot of other people will require a giving up of any spirit of INDEPENDENCE. When we see the joining of SELF with the SELF of others, we will see the WORK of the SPIRIT OF GOD working its way out of us. Jesus said a remarkable thing: “He who has faith in me will do greater things that I have done, because I am going to my Father“.

Well, He has “gone to the Father“. And we are the ones He spoke of when He said, “Greater things will you do than I have done“. Now, as individuals, no one can do greater things that Jesus did. But when we are joined together by the HOLY SPIRIT to form the BODY OF CHRIST – the present-day counterpart to His physical presence – we can DO what He did on a greater and wider basis. That’s OUR call! The GIFTS of the Spirit were given to us EACH for the OTHERS – nor for ourselves! So we must GET RELATED so that they can flow to where they belong, AND to receive what was given to the other members FOR US.

So the church must become a FAMILY. Then it can become a BODY, very much like the fleshly body of our Lord Jesus Christ. A FAMILY takes care of its members. That was God’s plan. A BODY takes care of its members. That’s God’s design. A church is supposed to do what a FAMILY does, or what a BODY does. It is CORPORATELY self-supporting! It is  CORPORATELY self-protecting! It is CORPORATELY self-fulfilling!

The material needs, the relational needs, the moral needs will not be supplied by the world. God has provided for the BODY OF CHRIST to be totally self-sufficient through the UN-SELFISH acts of its individual members. Jesus said, “Whatever you did for one of the least of these BROTHERS of mine, you did for ME” (emphasis mine).

Get “PLUGGED IN”! Put yourself in that place of protection that God has chosen for you. Get into that place of fulfillment that God has chosen for you. Come into your PLACE OF SERVICE. ALL of what will go into the making up of the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN must flow out of the CHURCH – THE BODY OF CHRIST! You are a member OF and IN the BODY! Don’t allow yourself to miss God’s very best for you!

-Jay Fesperman

From Jay Fesperman’s “Letters of Exhortation”, Number 15, October 1981.