For a long time now, the Lord has been showing us the modern-day parallel to this historical event. For two generations past the Church has gradually lost its leadership. So much so that today the time is being called the POST-CHRISTIAN era. We haven’t left our land, but “Babylonianism” has moved in with its many “gods”, and our people are being held captive under the powers of rebellion, materialism, witchcraft, occultism, self-worship, and physical comforts and pleasures. And, although we don’t usually bother to carve an idol out of wood or stone, we see that we have fallen for the same “gods” which the leaders, the priests and the prophets brought into Israel and Judah. And as we said in last month’s letter, God – OUR GOD – is in the process of raising up TWO GENERATIONS of people out of which He will produce new leadership for His people.

God’s counter-attack is RESTORATION! He’s tried renewal, but we won’t renew! We’ve been doing it our way too long! He’s going back to the original plan that He established among His people Himself. He said to the exiles, “For I know the plan I have for you; plans to prosper you and not to harm you; plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call upon Me and come and pray to Me, and I will listen to you.” (Jeremiah 29:11) It’s back to the original battle plan. But the battle is not primarily political, or social, or economic; the battle is SPIRITUAL! Paul says so very clearly, “Our struggle is not against flesh and blood. . .but against the SPIRITUAL FORCES of EVIL in the HEAVENLY REALMS.”

As we work with young Christians, we see more and more how tenacious the enemy is as he seeks to hold onto God’s children. But we also see a new degree of willingness on their part to get on with it and let God do what He is seeking to do. So God is CLOSING THE GAP – the generation gap. If you want to call it that. The speed with which the Lord is moving among willing young people is so very encouraging.

So, young people, you who are parents, and you who will become parents, God has a very special word and a special work for you in these days; learning how to go about making MEN AND WOMEN OF GOD out of CHILDREN OF WRATH! And He gives us plenty of time to do it – about 12 to 15 years. And it takes all of it! There are forces at loose in the world today that are screaming out to the children at age 6, age 9, age 12, “Declare your independence. You can do it now! You don’t have to wait!” The institutions of the world want to make CHILDHOOD obsolete, doing away with those important years of formation in which life-patterns are set. But we need those years of growth to be able to stand against all the satanic forces that seek to stunt our growth. But the COST is HIGH!!

From Jay Fesperman’s “Letters of Exhortation”, Number 24, August 1982.