We are living in a day when we desperately need godly leadership in our country. How wonderful it would be to have a godly president, for example, to help lead us back to Him! But rather than looking to the past for hope and inspiration, today we look forward, asking God for a future full of bright lights – those who are unashamed of Him and eager to serve in every sphere of influence.

Dear Heavenly Father,
Today is President’s Day. We wanted to write a stunning article about the forty-four presidents You have given us through the 239 years of our nation. But, today we feel we should pray. 

America is in desperate need of your intervention this year. We have no other place to run but to You. You are the One who raises up princes (presidents) and brings them down. Our nation and the name of Jesus Christ is hanging in the balance for us in the year 2016. We witness Your Name being swept into corners where no one is looking. We see Your ways disdained, disregarded, and mocked, not only by other nations, but by our neighbors, our government, our schools, and even our churches. We have become a nation calling “what is evil, good and what is good, evil.” But for knowing You and loving You…we would be paralyzed with fear.
So Lord, we refrain from calling today President’s Day. We call it ‘God’s Day.’  For it is to You that we give all glory, honor, and praise for this nation. “One Nation Under God” is our cry.  May it never be, “One Nation Under Our Presidents.”
Father, Your mercy is everlasting, and Your truth endures to all generations.  Come to our generation! Let righteousness be exalted as our next president is chosen. We beg You to raise up a man or woman who will cry out to You not only in the night watches, but one who will mirror Your ways in the light of day. 
Some folks say all of this has to take place for Jesus to return. Perhaps so. But, You also say “Let the evildoer still do evil, and the filthy still be filthy, and the righteous still do right, and the holy still be holy.” We must continue on, striving in Your holiness. Please show Yourself strong in the election of our next president. The only King we want is You.

How you can make a difference?  3 Ways: 

Pray for this nation – weekly…daily! Gather your friends and family, and commit to intercession, especially for our White House.

Study the tragedies and the cost of our religious freedoms, all the way from our nation’s founding through the Civil War, two World Wars, Korean War, Vietnam, Gulf War, and the current War on Terror. Knowledge builds character!

Strive to become a man or a woman who is not lukewarm about what’s happening in our country – specifically the election process. Capture a vision for your role in America’s life, and most importantly, become a Truth seeker.

Want to grow in the calling God has for you?Here’s 4 Ways: 

Become a Hero

Heroes Summer Internship High school graduates – Summer
Come to CTCI for 10 weeks this summer to grow both in your walk with Christ and in your leadership skills by learning what it means to serve. Interns support the CTCI staff as we receive guests for a variety of events and programs planned throughout the summer. If you are looking for an internship that promises growth in your inner and outer man… look no further!

Heroes Semester Program High school graduates – Spring, Fall
Are you a graduate? Gap year student? Needing a break from college? A young man or woman wanting to grow in your identity as a Christian? This semester is packed full of training that will examine the depths of who you are and teach you to run as a Christian. Sick of a moderate Christian life? Craving victory over the big and little areas of life? Come for a Heroes Semester.

Heroes Week High School / College Groups – Summer, Scheduled
Are you or your Church Group craving something deeper for your summer camp than a guest speaker and a giant pillow that launches you into a dirty pond? Heroes week allows you to experience the Gospel in new ways. This week will require your heart, mind, and muscles as you learn what it means to  walk out the truths of scripture.

Training for a Victorious Family

Train to Reign Spring, Summer, Fall – Families / Individuals
Come to our 2-week program  where you are not just challenged to rise and become the man or woman God is calling you to be, but shown practically what that looks like.  Come to a place of support, love, guidance, and opportunity… a  place convinced that you and your family can experience victory in Christ – together.