As we have already said, “Those who are led by the SPIRIT OF GOD are SONS OF GOD.” Acknowledging this to be the Word of God, we need to be very careful about saying “the Spirit told me” this or that. If the Holy Spirit speaks to us, He does so because we are a “son of God”. So, since sonship is obedience, then that which we hear from the Spirit must be acted upon in complete obedience!

Look at it this way: to enjoy the fullness of a “spiritual” relationship with God requires completely honest and obedient response to His directives about our NATURAL relations. If we fail to respond in obedience to the Word of God in our human relationships with our parents, or our spouses, then we will not be able to overcome a weak relationship with God by being “spiritual”. We are required to make things right here in the “flesh”; then the Holy Spirit will lead us into the “spiritual blessings”.

It would be like a man lying in bed with a serious lung disease, smoking a cigarette. His doctors and others in authority in his life have all given counsel to quit smoking, as it is most dangerous to his condition. You visit him, and he asks you to pray for God to heal him. I would want to ask, “How shall I pray?”

In the same way, God cannot bring us to new levels of maturity, until we have walked out His Word for us in the “lesser” areas of life. He makes it very clear that, as “WE ARE FAITHFUL IN THE SMALLER THINGS, HE WILL DIRECT US INTO RULERSHIP IN THE MORE IMPORTANT THINGS.”

So, I exhort you, no matter what your age, check the places you have walked as well as where you are walking now. Are you walking in the SPIRIT OF SONSHIP? Jesus, as Son of God, was both the REPRESENTATION and the MANIFESTATION of the Father. And we are “joint heirs with Christ.” As the BODY OF CHRIST and its leadership, we must have a solid foundation under us to be victorious in the SPIRITUAL WARFARE we face. Our firm foundation is in the SPIRIT OF SONSHIP – absolute OBEDIENCE to the FATHER.

-Jay Fesperman

From Jay Fesperman’s “Letters of Exhortation”, Number 16, November 1981.