A few weeks ago while worshipping the Lord with a rather large group of pastors and elders, we were singing out of Lamentations, “The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, His mercies never come to an end; They are new every morning, new every morning. . .” And it struck me, “My, what a paradox! How can they be never ceasing, never coming to an end. . .and yet be new every morning?” And as I prayed in the Spirit for understanding, I sensed very strongly that God was trying to say something to me. This is what I heard:

“That’s the way it is when you hear My Word. That which I will bring to you today will sound like a new word, and in a sense, it will be “new”, but it will be new only because it will catch up all of My Word that you have ever received before, and in that totality, it will come forth to you this day. As the throng of people who will hear My messenger bring My Word this morning, each one of them will have the totality of all I have ever said to them brough into clear focus with a new depth of understanding. Because of this, they can never be the same person again. THE WORD CHANGES PEOPLE – PERMANENTLY! Listen carefully as I speak to you, and you will hear many statements of confirmation of things I have spoken before, things you have not completely received and acted upon. But now it will make sense. Now it is time to move out and do what I have been saying, and you can move with a new faith and confidence, because you now know what I was saying. It is not like becoming a new creature in Christ where the old is cast aside and the new comes forth. It is an adding to you the word I have given to you over the years or months, and it becomes clear and REAL to you; it becomes ENFLESHED and it becomes a PART OF YOU. The present word will give clarity to all the word you have heard before. . .”

I began to see that in a sense we “BECOME” the Word of God as we act and live it out. We are told by dietician, nutritionists, and others that, physically, we become what we eat, as our system converts the food of our diet into US physically. So, I can see how we can become a spiritual man by letting our MIND and SOUL and WILL, in concert with the Holy Spirit, convert the prophetic Word of God into the “me” that I am meant to be.

In a great measure, the physical food we eat becomes energy and body –  the out-working of our physical nature. If we don’t eat enough, we become weak and lifeless; if we eat too much, we become fat and lifeless. We need to consume the food value of what we ear for the purpose for which God made it available – for strength and sound flesh. And we don’t have to “tell” our stomachs what to do with it once we take it in. It is added to all that has gone before and becomes a part of the one that we are. So it is with the Word of God, the mercy, the love of God. As we take them in each day, it ALL becomes “new every morning” adding to and becoming a part of what we already are, know, and do.

From Jay Fesperman’s “Letters of Exhortation”, Number 7, January 1981.

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