When I was in the army during the World War II, I was amazed to see during basic training that the same food eaten by fat civilians-becoming-soldiers AND by thin civilians-becoming-soldiers had an entirely different effect on them; the fat became thinner and the thin became firmer and stronger. The SAME food! Now, I see in a body of believers called the “church” how the Word of God – the SAME Word of God – meets the needs of all members, no matter where they are in their growth.

But more important than that, I see the summing up of ALL things in Christ. When the concepts of the Word of God are put under the pressure of God’s purpose in the earth or in a man, then TRUTH – REALITY – becomes manifest. Jesus said, “I am THE WAY (the principle, or concept), I am THE TRUTH (the Word), and I am THE LIFE (the out-working).” In other words, Jesus is the ALL IN ALL of our life, either as an individual or as members of His Body.

Now if all this be true, how do we make it workable in our own situation? First of all, I believe that we absolutely must make it a DAILY practice of coming aside to hear the Lord God speak into our life. How we do that will be determined by our particular circumstances, but there is no one among us who has a set of circumstances which cannot be adapted to a time in the scriptures, seeking to hear the Lord say something specifically to us.

Secondly, since we will be trying to hear something of a specific nature, then it becomes necessary to DO what He has said. Someone recently said, “We are to live in the results of the coming of the Word of the Lord.” That’s pretty demanding, because it says that God has “LAID HIS HANDS ON ME.”

Third, we must commit ourselves to living out the command of the Lord in all our relationships with other believers. How we react within the totality of our membership in the Body of Christ will determine how strong the Body of Christ will become. And old adage says, “A chain is as strong as its weakest link.” It just may be that the same is true for our family or our fellowship.

From Jay Fesperman’s “Letters of Exhortation”, Number 7, January 1981.