As a management consultant to industry, I was once asked to sell a large portion of my time to a company that was losing several million dollars each year. After several years of success they were now about to go down the tube. My reply was that nobody outside of the company could do the job. It would take dynamic leadership from within to effect a turn-around.

I am convinced that one of the most important words in the vocabulary of the spiritual renewal is RESTORATION. God means to RESTORE His Church, and it is to be structured on the foundation stones of HIS choosing. Yes, in this very day! Good government is again to be established. And it is still based on the plan of God as He outlined it in His Word by the prophets of Old and by the apostles of New Testament. Isaiah said, “The government shall be upon His (Jesus) shoulders.” He – Jesus – chose His apostolic disciples. They did not choose Him. He had to knock Paul off his horse and blind him to turn him around from his plan to devastate the Church. And after that, He never gave Paul any room to compromise. Paul was the most non-compromising of all the apostles!

Today we are seeing God establish those ministries of authority and responsibility again throughout the whole world. And people who have been hungering and thirsting for righteousness are being filled. Today many young people have come out of the compromising, wishy-washy back-drop of a confused society, and have come to a personal knowledge of Jesus Christ. By the hundreds, yes even by the thousands, they are finding a solid foundation in churches where godly men are being set in place with godly authority.

In recent months, while teaching in churches where this type of authority is being established, even though they may hold on to their denominational labels, we have asked countless numbers of the members, “What church did you come from?” And the mixture is astonishing! In every case, only a small portion were of the denomination used in that church’s title. I believe people who are desirous of moving on in the Lord are tired of the structure that has become weakened through compromise.

I read in a recent issue of a well-known news magazine an expert in child-rearing said, “The children in America are CRYING OUT for parents to establish STRONG BOUNDARIES for them.” Government – CONTROL, RULERSHIP, LEADERSHIP – is the foundation of any successful institution. MOTIVE, PRIORITY, and SYSTEM are all the responsibility of leadership. When those in authority begin to waver in the decision-making process in any of these three areas, weakness sets in. Of course, a good leader has his ear attuned to the pulse of the total organization, hearing and evaluating what each part is saying. But, because of the localized interest of each member, that which comes forth must be assimilated and evaluated by those in authority. Then positive, clear decisions must be presented to the entire body.

From Jay Fesperman’s “Letters of Exhortation”, Number 18, January 1982.