Violence shall no more be heard in thy land, wasting nor destruction
within thy borders; but thou shalt call thy walls Salvation,
and thy gates Praise.
 (Isaiah 60:18; KJV)
The atrocities of human trafficking, drug trafficking, and terrorism – especially connected to ISIS – entering via the U.S southern border are the most prevalent issues affecting our national and border security. These issues present a distinct set of circumstances for our government beyond the crisis of undocumented people entering the U.S. illegally to escape difficulties in their own country-a challenge that underscores the need for immigration reform.
Legislation that would allow for an effective response in counteracting these evils has been “on the table” for too many years. It is time for the U.S. to remedy its broken immigration system and address legislative policies that will allow immigrants and refugees who have the intention to thrive in America and give America their Pledge of Allegiance to enter legally and safely. Likewise, we need laws addressing those who would enter to harm our country; they should be detained and sent back to their country of origin. It’s time for our government to move forward on this issue with the resolve of a fair and compassionate immigration reform that will allow America to flourish in the way which it was founded and God intended.
The U.S. State Department estimates that around 14,500-17,500 foreign nationals are trafficked into the United States each year, with other estimates reaching as high as 19,000.1
Points for Prayer:
  • Pray that God will keep our borders safe from those who would desire to harm America while our government works on immigration reform.
  • Pray that God will expose the enemy’s agenda to infiltrate our borders. Pray that terrorists who enter through the southern border would be caught.
  • Pray against the human tragedy behind immigration and that God will give President Trump His plan and vision for immigration reform.
  • Pray for the children lured to cross the border looking for a better life because of the lack of education and opportunities in their own countries.
  • Pray for those affected by human trafficking and drug trafficking – that God would protect and heal them – and that God would expose the perpetrators and the drug cartels and eliminate them.
  • Pray for the hearts of those who would desire to bring harm to God’s people and harm to America-that they would have an encounter with the living Savior.
By Mark Gonzales, Founder, Hispanic Action Network
Herman Martir, Founder, Asian Action Network
1 U.S. Department of State, 2018 Trafficking in Persons Report, Accessed 9/12/18.
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