“This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it!” Ps. 118:24

In Corrie ten Boom’s book, “The Hiding Place”, she tells us about a time when she and her sister were prisoners  in a German Nazi camp and there was an outbreak of lice in their barrack.

Corrie was upset, frustrated and complained about the lice, but her sister gave thanks to the Lord every single day without fail for the lice even though she did not yet know why the Lord allowed it.

So many prisoners were in that barrack.

Corrie’s sister read aloud from the Bible every night and shared the gospel with anyone willing to listen which eventually was everyone in there – there were not any options for encouragement aside from Christ in this circumstance.

Much time passed and the Bible readings/teachings were never disrupted by guards.

Many people were saved!

They eventually found out that the guards stayed away from their barrack (only theirs) because they knew of the lice outbreak.

They gave thanks for the lice! The Lord used it for good.

We too can miss the supernatural provisions and blessings during times of discomfort or unpleasant circumstances if our eyes temporarily move away from our Lord and on to the problem – but we are thankful and so grateful that we can turn our eyes upon Jesus and the Lord will work all things for good to those who love Him and are called according to His purposes.

Join us in proclaiming thankfulness and gratefulness for everything He has done for us!

“Father God, we are so thankful and grateful that You use all things, pleasant or unpleasant in our eyes, for Your good! May we learn to always be thankful as we watch and trust YOU!”


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