This devotion written by Susan Pons reminds us with Scripture not to complain, but instead to resolve in our hearts to be well prepared and ever so grateful for all that the Lord has provided and done for us!

If you have raced with men on foot and they have worn you out, how can you compete with horses? If you stumble in safe country, how will you manage in the thickets by the Jordan? (Jeremiah 12:5)

Jeremiah had just complained to the Lord about the prosperity of the wicked.

God would have none of it as He expressed in this scripture.

This is such a word to us, as well, in these days and times in which we live.

Oh! Jeremiah had so much more to complain about than we do in today’s world.  

But the small, insignificant tasks that try our patience day by day bringing large complaints…perhaps, we need to reckon with.  

Our world is a very fragile place.  

We are blessed with food, clothing, shelter, and prosperity yet we can complain at the slightest distaste for a particular food, a clothing article that does not meet our satisfaction, or perhaps having to rise up earlier than we desire.  

But, whatever will we do when the thickets of grueling and complicated times come upon us personally or nationally?  

If in a time of peace we complain, what in heaven’s name will we do in a time of war?  

These are situations we all need to come to terms with.  

History proves it to be so.

The Lord tells us to pick up our Cross and carry it daily.  

He did not ask us to complain about it!

I walked one day along a country road,

And there a stranger journeyed too,

Bent low beneath the burden of His load:

It was a cross, a cross I knew.

I cried, “Lord Jesus,” and He spoke my name;

I saw His hands all bruised and torn;

I stooped to kiss away the marks of shame,

The shame for me that He had borne.

“Take up thy cross and follow Me,”

I hear the blessed Savior call;

How can I make a lesser sacrifice,

When Jesus gave His all?

  1. After reading how the Lord dealt with Jeremiah, what adjustments can you make in your approach to God?

  2. Do you think we need to prepare ourselves spiritually in case difficult times are ahead? Explain.

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