A coat or jacket serves many purposes. It can keep us warm, it can keep us dry, it can shelter us from debris, it can also tell others what we like, who we follow, or which team we root for. It has pockets to store things along with buttons and zippers from which we can close off what is outside and that we don’t want to let in.

Many scriptures talk about how we are clothed in Christ, that He had something from the Father the He has given to us through the cross. You can really apply this metaphor to any of the attributes of Christ that He has given us but I want to focus on just one at this time and that is worthiness.

Jesus Christ is worthy in every manner of the term and He has clothed us in His worthiness by what He did for us on the cross.

He has clothed us in His worthiness like a coat. His worthiness keeps us in the warm embrace of a loving Father. His worthiness keeps us dry when the enemy rains on our parade. His worthiness shelters us from the attack of rejection and shame from the enemy. It can tell others who we belong to and which team we root for.

It has pockets to store salvation, acceptance, and hope. It has buttons and zippers so that we can close off the outside world for the things of this world cannot take our worthiness.

So next time you put on your coat be encouraged, because in the same way Jesus Christ has clothed us in His worthiness.

Submitted by a friend of the ministry.


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