“What is man, that Thou art mindful of him…?” Psalm 8:4

Have you seen the movie called ”Horton Hears a Who”?

I thought about that movie in the wee hours this morning.

As the beautiful Smoky Mountain fog lingered, and after an intense workout, I just stood and looked up to the cloudy North Carolina sky.

I could see pieces of blue, like paint strokes, trying to peek through.

A majestic masterpiece!

We are so very small on this big planet earth!

Our planet earth is so very small in our universe!

Almighty God reigns over it all!

My thoughts compared us to the dustball in the movie that Horton the elephant so relentlessly pursues.

Our God relentlessly pursues us even more!

This is my prayer for everyone today:

Thank You Father God for never giving up on us despite ourselves!

May we remain in reverent awe of Your majesty and love!

Written by Jennifer Moritz

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