Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it… Psalm 127:1

This is the cry of the staff of CTCI as we enter into 2019. We don’t want to run another program, begin another renovation project, or host another event if the Lord is not in it. If Jesus is not at the center of all that we do here than it is a vanity.

The same is true for each of our lives personally, if the Lord is not in all that you do than it is nothing more than a vanity that will one day wither and die off. So much of what can be accomplished today can be attributed to self effort, self will, self determination. As Christians we should never be defined by what we can accomplish but rather by what Jesus has accomplished in and through us.

The Lord is doing a work here at the Inn and we are here saying “yes, Lord we are willing.” For the month of January we the staff have committed to praying and seeking the Lord each morning at 9am. Our hearts cry is for revival. Revival that begins with us individually. We do not want to take a step unless the Lord is leading. We want a renewed hunger and passion for Jesus and the Kingdom he has reign over. We want to be so filled with the Holy Spirit that it cannot be contained. That it becomes contagious and spreads!

Will you join us in this?

During the month of January any one who is local or passing through can stop by the Inn and pray. We are praying from 9-9:30 as a staff but the inn will remain open all day should others want to come and pray.

If you can’t pray here will you pray where you are? Set aside a time this month to seek the Lord, let us not continue to work in vain let us allow the Lord to move in and through us this year.

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