Now, there is one more thing: believing that we have a great High Priest, an intercessor – Jesus Christ, seated at God’s right hand. We hear Jesus say something like this, “Now, Father, you hear what Jay is asking; release it to him, in My Name.”

If we pray the way Jesus told us to, we will pray to the Father, “in Jesus’ Name.” “The Father will give you whatever you ask IN MY NAME,” Jesus said (John 15:16). But then He says, “In that day you will ask IN MY NAME. I am not saying that I will ask the Father on your behalf. No. The Father HIMSELF loves you because you have loved Me AND HAVE BELIEVED that I came from God” (John 16:26-27). What is Jesus saying? I think He is trying to get our identity with the Person of God, the Father settled into our spirit, by clearly defining to us who He is as He relates to the Father, and who He is as He relates to US.

To pray in the NAME of Jesus is to pray in the NATURE of Jesus, in HIS sonship. The NAME of Jesus is the expression of His NATURE. How much clearer to the Father must our petitions of prayer be, BECAUSE we pray in the NATURE of Jesus. Without the Spirit of Jesus in us, our nature could be a hindrance to God hearing our prayers. But in the PERSON of Jesus, God is well-pleased. So we should take on the very NATURE, the PERSON of God’s Son, Jesus.

In summary, what are the elements in prayer that we must have and exercise if our prayers are going to change the people or the circumstances for which we cry to the Father of God? First, we HOPE, we DESIRE…. Then we bring into play the RAW MATERIALS of our hopes, the gift of FAITH. [Second is that] knowing the promises, we know what to ask. Then we take the action of BELIEVING – believing God and believing His WORD. Finally, praying throughby, in, and with the NAME, the NATURE of Jesus.

I believe that this kind of praying will bring about CHANGES that our eyes can behold, that our ears can hear, and that our hearts can understand! That’s what God wants!

In love and FAITH,


From Jay Fesperman’s “Letters of Exhortation“, Number 36 (February 1984).

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