Once in a while we like to share about how people considered their time here at the INN! Here is a testimony from one of the interns that spent some time with us and had something to say about it!
When I came to CTCI several summers ago, I came not knowing why God had led me there. All I knew was that He wanted me to go and, once I understood…the idea was from Him, I immediately signed up.
Upon arrival, I sensed that the Lord would use those 3 months to shape me on the inside. I carried a lot of hurt and insecurity with me to “The Inn”. Without hesitation, [God instantly confronted those obstacles]. He surrounded me with loving relationships that challenged and grew me. As a result, my faith increased as a consistent inpouring of truth addressed my fears.

Obeying God cost me in many ways, but it was not without reward. During my time as an intern, I experienced a peace and clarity that I hadn’t felt in a long time. I heard God’s voice. My spirit knew that what was placed in my heart that summer was something worth protecting. I wouldn’t change my decision to go to [CTCI]. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made since becoming an adult. Now, I understand that life is relationships. I hold a richer perspective on the importance of community, the need for discipleship, and the urgency of evangelism.

I’d go back to CTCI without question if God led me back there. I also encourage anyone who has trouble hearing God’s voice to spend some time at “The Inn”. I promise…that if you consecrate yourself to Him, if you are sincerely desperate like I was, you will find Him again. Rather, He’ll find you.
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