This is a small piece of a wonderful article I read from “The Teaching Legacy of Derek Prince”. The article is called “The Holy Spirit: Eternal, Omniscient, Omnipresent”.  Our human brains are so finite but because of the power of the Holy Spirit we get to catch glimpses now and again!

He says: “Clearly, the Greek adjective “eternal” has an extremely expansive meaning. It is derived from the noun aion, from which we get the English word “aeon.” An aion is a measurement of time and occurs in a variety of expressions, as we see in the following literal Biblical translations:

     Hebrews 7:24: “And he, because of his remaining—to the age, hath the priesthood not transient” (YLT). This is referring to the duration of the present age. The NKJV translates this verse “because He continues forever.”

     Jude 25: “From before the whole age, and now, and to all the ages” (Darby).  ( The NKJV translation is  “both now and forever.”).

     Gal. 1:5: “To whom is the glory to the ages of the ages” (YTL). The (NKJV is  “forever and ever.”).

     It is obvious to me that some of the English translations do not even begin to convey the depth of meaning in the Greek phrases. These expressions—and others like them—fill me with a sense of awe. They are like a little drop of moisture suspended above a bottomless chasm that separates two mountains too high for me to climb. My mind cannot fully comprehend that there could be even one age made up of ages, much less that there are ages made up of such ages. Yet the eternal Holy Spirit encompasses them all, stretching from the measureless past and on into the measureless future.

     I began to apprehend in a new way the title under which God is endlessly worshiped in heaven:

Holy, holy, holy, “Lord God Almighty, Who [eternally] was and is and is to come!                                                Revelation 4:8

He ends the entire letter with a beautiful prayer! Won’t you join us in this prayer:

Dear Heavenly Father, Thank You for sending me the Holy Spirit, my Comforter and Helper. Even when I can’t feel it, I thank You that He is always with me, strengthening and assuring me with His presence. Thank You for His power and protection over me and those I love. Father, I now ask that You would please allow me to come into a deeper relationship with the Holy Spirit. Help me to love and honor Him as I ought to do. And I thank You in advance for answering my prayer, as I make all these requests in the Name of Your precious Son, Jesus. Amen

DPM Archive Volume XXVII, Issue 2

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