We recently finished a two week family program here at CTCI and the Lord worked miracles! He is faithful, always! Here is a brief overview written by Susan Pons:

“Spring  Train To Reign was a most meaningful experience for all involved.  Families from New Jersey, Puerto Rico, and Guatemala were introduced to Biblical and experiential training from the staff here at Christian Training Center.

We witnessed one couple placing their wedding rings on their fingers once again after a long period of almost discarding them.  Another couple recognized their need to renew their marriage covenant and place each other in priority over the business and “out of order” circumstances, according to God’s Word, in their lives.  One other family came to the Center longing to help their child stand against the  temptations facing him daily at school.  A young couple, with their family made a decision to return to ministry after embracing the necessity of cherishing their marriage and their role as parents above all else.

So, in closing, the Good Lord was in our midst, healing, restoring, repairing and completing God’s call for family…the first Church!”

Would you like to know more about our Train to Reign program?

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