Good morning from all of us here at Christian Training Center International! This is another beautiful day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!

Ezekiel is an example of how BIG our God is! Please take a few moments and view the videos below, miracles are happening! Ezekiel has been to our program and has carried the teachings back to Africa, to his mission field. The teachings and Biblical lessons are spreading and making a huge impact on their area! He wants to come back for more, our God is the God of more and abundance! God is working mightily and we get to be a small part of it for HIS glory! Won’t you join us and help us get Ezekiel and his wife Joy back over here for the MORE that the Lord wants to share?

Please pray about whether the Lord wants you to be a part of this mighty work HE is doing!

Please make a donation today to help Ezekiel and Joy Udoh!
Ezekiel and Joy Udoh are very special to CTCI. They are ministers in Port Hartcourt, Nigeria and run an orphanage for street children…most whose families have been victimized by the terrorist activity of Boko Haram.
Ezekiel was able to attend our Train to Reign program in 2017. What he learned impacted his ministry and he sees the desperate need for biblical family values in his country. Ezekiel and Joy feel the Lord is leading both of them to attend our summer Train to Reign Program . The flights alone will cost $4,000.00 (round trip) and the Train to Reign Program fees will be $920.00 for the 10 day program. Will you prayerfully consider helping them be able to return to CTCI this summer?
Would you like to invest in an orphanage in Nigeria?
Please watch this short video of CTCI’s director, Larry Pons as he shares why we feel it is important for the Udoh’s to join us this summer.
Please help CTCI raise funds for the Udoh family to attend our Train to Reign program!
Enjoy this short clip taken from Ezekiel in Port Hartcourt, Nigeria asking for your help. Due to the location of the video in Africa, the video may be difficult to understand.
Thank you for allowing the Lord to use you to help bless this precious family!
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