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Elijah — How One Man Made a Difference

Our good friend Wally Fry has an outstanding series on Elijah. Check it out and sign up for his content. You won’t be disappointed.

Elijah’s time on Mt Horeb is ending, but first God has a lesson for the prophet. As we recall, Elijah has seemingly run off to My Horeb and had a bit of a pity party. He has complained to God that he has served him faithfully, yet everybody else has been killed off, he is alone, and they want to kill Elijah also. God commands Elijah to leave his cave and stand by on the mountain waiting. Clearly, he is to be waiting for the Lord to make Himself known. First, a strong wind roars by, which was strong enough to break rocks into pieces; yet, God was not in that wind. Then there was an earthquake; yet, God was not in the earthquake. Finally, there was a fire; yet, God was not in the fire either. Where was God?

Finally, there was nothing but a still small voice. Some translations call it a low whisper, or a quiet whisper. This, Elijah heard. Then, God spoke again, and asked the prophet the same question as before; Elijah replied with the same answer as before. We know Elijah heard, because our scripture tells us, “when he heard it.” We also can infer Elijah was now listening, because no other words were exchanged other than further instructions from God to Elijah concerning what he was to do next. He was to appoint a new king of Syria, a new King for Israel, and finally his own successor in the ministry, Elisha. How ordinary! It almost seems anticlimactic that after all the ruckus that God showed up in a quiet whisper, and Elijah listened.

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