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How to be an Atheist (Funny) – Ultra Spiritual Life – with JP Sears

Now this is just plain funny!

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6 Responses

  1. being that your “funny” video is nothing more than a strawman atheist to attack, you might want to not depend on nonsense to claim you can counter a a real atheist’s arguments.

    1. Or maybe you should find a sense of humor.

      1. sorry, lies aren’t funny. Even your god doesn’t like them.

      2. Or maybe the truth just hurts then! Jesus is the Son of God. Now that is some good news for you.

      3. No, Jesus is no the son of God. There is no evidence for Jesus Christ, nor a god, and it is fine that you personally show you aren’t concerned with what your god wants to try to score points with those who disagree with you.
        And it’s always nice to have a bully insist that it is “funny” to lie about someone else.

        Now, Michael, when people you have watch this video find out that atheists aren’t what you falsely claim, there is a good chance that they’ll also wonder what else Michael lied about. That happened to me when a pastor and other Christians insisted that Catholics were evil, and I found out they weren’t. This is why some forms of Christianity are losing followers since people aren’t as ignorant as they used to be, believing that if someone disagrees with you, they automatically have to be evil.

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